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Over the years, the United Nations has undergone a number of reforms to allow the Organization to better respond to new challenges and demands. Below are some of the most significant reforms and reviews relevant to peace and security.

Re-positioned the UN to more effectively address peace and security issues after the Cold War; established the Department of Political Affairs and Department of Peacekeeping Operations.
Officially the report of the Panel on United Nations Peace Operations; assessed shortcomings of the peace operations system and made recommendations for change.
Officially the report on a comprehensive strategy to eliminate future sexual exploitation and abuse in UN peacekeeping operations
Restructured the Department of Peacekeeping Operations and established the Department of Field Support.
Introduced measures to improve the ability of the Department of Field Support to support missions, especially during mission start-up, including through the establishment of the Regional Service Center in Entebbe.
Proposed measures to improve United Nations approaches to peacebuilding