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Repositioning the United Nations development system is one of the three parts of Secretary-General António Guterres's United to Reform agenda.

It consists of seven elements[1]:

  1. A new generation of UN country teams to meet the specific development priorities and needs of countries;
  2. A reinvigorated Resident Coordinator system with stronger capacity, leadership, accountability and impartiality;
  3. A coordinated, reprofiled and restructured regional approach to better support work on the ground;
  4. Renewed spaces for Member States to guide system-wide actions and bring greater transparency and accountability for results;
  5. A stronger UN institutional response and system-wide approach to partnerships for the 2030 Agenda.
  6. Concrete steps to accelerate the system’s alignment to the 2030 Agenda, through a system-wide strategic document developed by the UN Development Group.
  7. A Funding Compact to bring better quality, quantity and predictability of resources, increased accountability and transparency and enhanced capacities of the system to deliver on the 2030 Agenda.

Legislative history

Report(s) Resolution(s) Notes
A/72/124–E/2018/3 General Assembly resolution 72/236 of 20 December 2017 First report on the repositioning of the UN development system
A/72/684–E/2018/7 General Assembly resolution 72/279 of 31 May 2018 Second report on the repositioning of the UN development system;
GA approved, inter alia, reinvigorated RC system with hybrid financing model
A/73/424 (SG) and
A/73/579 (ACABQ)
General Assembly resolution 73/279 of 22 December 2018 (section XV) Revised estimates relating to the resident coordinator system


Report Associated resolution(s) Notes
A/74/73–E/2019/14 ECOSOC resolution 2019/15 QCPR report; stocktaking on UNDS reform
A/74/73–E/2019/14/Add.1 ECOSOC resolution 2019/15 Funding compact
A/74/73–E/2019/14/Add.2 ECOSOC resolution 2019/15 Overview of the funding of operational activities for development, focusing on 2017
A/74/73–E/2019/14/Add.3 ECOSOC resolution 2019/15 Monitoring and reporting framework for resolutions 71/243 and 72/279
E/2019/62 ECOSOC resolution 2019/15 1st report on the Development Coordination Office and the resident coordinator system
A/75/79—E/2020/55 ECOSOC resolution 2020/23 QCPR report
E/2020/54 ECOSOC resolution 2020/23 Development Coordination Office

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  1. Secretary-General's remarks on the second report on the repositioning of the UN development system, 22 January 2018 [1]