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The Department of Field Support was a department dedicated to delivering administrative and logistical support to peacekeeping and special political missions. It existed from July 2007 to December 2018. In addition to the Office of the Under-Secretary-General and Office of the Assistant Secretary-General, it consisted of four divisions:

  • Field Budget and Finance Division
  • Field Personnel Division
  • Information and Communications Technology Division
  • Logistics Support Division

It also shared three capacities with the Department of Peacekeeping Operations:


The Department of Field Support had its origins in the United Nations Field Service, established in 1949, to provide land and air transport for missions; maintain radio communications with UN mission personnel; maintain premises, supplies, records and archives; maintain order during meetings; operate and maintain transport equipment; and perform guard duties at Headquarters. The Field Service was originally part of the Department of Conference and General Services but, in 1940, was moved into the Department of Administrative and Finance Services and was subsequently renamed the Field Operations Service (FOS). In 1952, the guard functions were separated from the FOS, and in 1954 FOS was transferred into the Office of General Services. In 1982, FOS was incorporated into the Office for Field Operational and External Support Activities but—following the adoption of General Assembly resolution 41/213 of 19 December 1986, it became a separate Field Operations Division (FOD) reporting to the Under-Secretary-General for Administration and Management[1] before its formal transfer into the Department of Administration and Management in January 1993[2][3].

In September 1993, the Field Operations Division was transferred into the Department of Peacekeeping Operations[4], where it was subsequently renamed the Field Administration and Logistics Division (FALD). FALD was later incorporated into the Office of Planning and Support[5] and then into the Office of Logistics, Management and Mine Action[6], which was later restructured into the Office of Mission Support[7] as part of the follow-up to the implementation of the Brahimi report.

The Department of Field Support was established on 1 July 2007 through the separation of the Office of Mission Support from the Department of Peacekeeping Operations. The General Assembly approved the creation of the new Department through the adoption of resolution 61/279 of 29 June 2007, as part of the Strengthening the capacity of the United Nations to manage and sustain peacekeeping operations reform agenda.

On 1 January 2019, the Department of Field Support and the Department of Management were replaced with the new Department of Management Strategy, Policy and Compliance and Department of Operational Support as part of the Shifting the management paradigm in the United Nations reform agenda.

Secretary-General's Bulletin


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