Regulations and rules

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The General Assembly issues broad legislative directives to the Secretary-General on the management of the United Nations through regulations. Within the framework of the regulations, the Secretary-General issues rules stating the manner in which the regulations will be implemented.

Key regulations and rules

Delegation of authority

Delegation is the process by which authority for implementation of regulations or rules can be granted, in whole or in part, by one individual vested with this authority to another individual.

The framework for enhanced delegation of authority under the new management paradigm is reflected in ST/SGB/2019/2. As a result of this shift, heads of entities across the Secretariat receive authority directly from the Secretary-General rather than receiving authorities through sub-delegations through the Department of Management.

Flow of delegation under the old system Flow of delegation of authority prior to 1 January 2019

Flow of delegation under the new system Flow of delegation of authority after 1 January 2019

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