Regulations and Rules Governing Programme Planning

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The Regulations and Rules Governing Programme Planning, the Programme Aspects of the Budget, the Monitoring of Implementation and the Methods of Evaluation are generally referred to by the acronym "PPBME" because the full title is such a mouthful. The current version of the PPBME is ST/SGB/2016/6 (issued 2 May 2016).

As with all regulations, the PPBME regulations can only be issued or amended by decision of the General Assembly. With regards to the PPBME rules, under General Assembly resolution 53/207 of 18 December 1998, the Secretary-General is instructed to "bring them to the attention of the General Assembly through the Committee before promulgation" [1]

Suspended regulations and rules

The existing version of the PPBME reflects the pre-reform biennial programme budget process. As General Assembly resolution 72/266A approved the shift to an annual budget on a trial basis as part of management reform, a number of PPBME provisions were superseded and were not applied. These are detailed in section A (Methodology and Format) of the 2021 proposed programme budget.

Previous versions

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  1. General Assembly resolution 53/207, section III paragraph 2