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The United Nations country team (UNCT) consists of all of the United Nations agencies, funds and programmes present in a country. Its activities are coordinated by a Resident Coordinator (RC). RCs can concurrently serve as Humanitarian Coordinator (HC) responsible for coordinating the activities of the humanitarian country team. In the context of countries in which a structurally-integrated mission (whether peacekeeping or political) is deployed, one of the deputy heads of the mission concurrently serves as RC (and possibly also as HC).

Following the implementation of the development system reform, the Resident Coordinator System is now part of the United Nations Secretariat, and the work of RCs is coordinated by the Development Coordination Office (DCO). Further work is being undertaken to establish common business services and back-office functions by 2022, enabled by mutual recognition, and to ensure more strategic utilization of common premises, with a target of 50 per cent by 2021[1].

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