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The Department of Management was established in 1997[1] out of the former Department of Administration and Management. It—along with the Department of Field Support—were re-engineered into the new Department of Management Strategy, Policy and Compliance and Department of Operational Support on 1 January 2019.

As indicated in the report of the SG on the Work of the Organization for 1997[2]:

156. The Department of Management, as its new name indicates, is now poised to shift to a more proactive management culture, moving away from purely administrative control systems, and from piecemeal management improvements, to fundamental reform of the management practices of the Organization. Under this new approach, substantive units will have greater administrative flexibility, leaving the central management to concentrate on policy development, support services and compliance monitoring.

Organizational Bulletins

Department of Management

  • ST/SGB/2010/9 (6 December 2010)
  • ST/SGB/2005/8 (13 April 2005)
  • ST/SGB/2003/15 (21 November 2003)
  • ST/SGB/1997/11 (15 September 1997)

Office of Central Support Services

Office of Human Resources Management

  • ST/SGB/2011/4 (20 July 2011)
  • ST/SGB/2004/8 (7 April 2004)
  • ST/SGB/1998/12 (2 November 1998)

Office of Information and Communications Technology

Office of Programme Planning, Budget and Accounts

Commonly referred to as the Controller's Office.

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  1. A/52/1(SUPP) Report of the Secretary-General on the work of the Organization (1997)
  2. A/52/1