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Eugene Chen is director of the Prevention and Peacebuilding program at the NYU Center on International Cooperation. His research focuses on the interplay of substantive policy, intergovernmental politics, and bureaucratic processes in United Nations peace and security efforts.

Prior to joining the Center on International Cooperation, Eugene worked as a consultant on issues such as peacebuilding financing, United Nations transitions, and climate action in United Nations peace operations. He previously worked in the United Nations Secretariat in the Executive Office of the Secretary-General, the United Nations Mission for Justice Support in Haiti, the Department of Field Support, and the Department of Peacekeeping Operations. Earlier in his career, Eugene served as lead negotiator for the U.S. Government at the United Nations on subjects including peacekeeping financing and cross-cutting policy issues, the scales of assessments, and institutional reform.

Over the course of his career, Eugene spearheaded several major reforms and policy initiatives at the UN, including the establishment of the current personnel reimbursement framework in peace operations (General Assembly resolution 67/261), the 2019 management reforms (A/72/492, ST/SGB/2013/4/Amend. 1, and ST/SGB/2019/2), liquidity measures to improve the financial situation of peacekeeping operations (reflected in A/73/809), providing the Peacebuilding Fund with access to assessed contributions (A/76/732), and enhancing the support and funding to African Union-led peace support operations (S/2023/303). Eugene also played an important role in the design and implementation of other policy initiatives, such as the follow-up to the 2015 High-level Panel on Peace Operations (A/70/357–S/2015/682) and the 2019 restructuring of the peace and security architecture (A/72/525).

Eugene is a term member of the Council on Foreign Relations and senior fellow with the Global Center on Cooperative Security. He holds both a BA in Government and an MPA from Cornell University.


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