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Since the late 1980s, the General Assembly has routinely adopted resolutions covering cross-cutting issues related to administrative and budgetary aspects of the financing of United Nations peacekeeping operations separate from the peacekeeping financing resolutions for individual missions.

The main report considered by cross-cutting resolutions are the annual report on the overview of the financing of the United Nations peacekeeping operations.

List of resolutions

The following includes all resolutions titled "administrative and budgetary aspects of the financing of United Nations peacekeeping operations" until the 58th session and all resolutions titled "cross-cutting issues" from the 59th session onwards.

Session Resolution Date Notable elements
44 44/192 21 December 1989
45 45/258 3 May 1991 Increased troop reimbursement rate by 4%;
Established the support account effective 1 January 1990
46 No resolution
47 47/218 A 23 December 1992 Peacekeeping scale of assessments: dissolution of Czechoslovakia
47 47/218 B 14 September 1993
48 48/227 23 December 1993
49 49/233 A 23 December 1994 Established July-June budget cycle;
Approved project plan for contingent-owned equipment reimbursement methodology;
Established principles of death and disability compensation;
Authorized commitment authority of $50 million;
Approved measures on disposition of assets following liquidation (Financial Reg 5.14);
Standardized budget process and format;
Established Peacekeeping Reserve Fund
49 49/233 B 31 March 1995
49 49/249 A 20 July 1995 Peacekeeping scale of assessments
49 49/249 B 14 September 1995 Peacekeeping scale of assessments
50 No resolution New system of contingent-owned equipment reimbursement approved in standalone resolution 50/222
51 51/13 4 November 1996 Third-party claims
51 51/218 A-D 18 December 1996 Peacekeeping scale of assessments: Czech Republic and Slovakia
51 51/218 E 17 June 1997 Set maximum death and disability compensation at $50,000
52 52/230 31 March 1998 Peacekeeping scale of assessments
53 No resolution
54 54/242 23 December 1999 Peacekeeping scale of assessments
55 No resolution
56 No resolution Concept of strategic deployment stocks approved in standalone resolution 56/292
57 57/290 20 December 2002 Peacekeeping scale of assessments: Switzerland and Timor-Leste
57 57/290 B 18 June 2003 Applied results-based budgeting to peacekeeping mission budgets
58 58/296 18 June 2004
59 59/296 22 June 2005 First resolution explicitly titled "cross-cutting issues";
Requested the SG to submit annual overview report on the financing of peacekeeping missions
Cost-sharing of DSRSG/RC posts;
DDR programmatic activities;
UN Volunteers
60 60/266 30 June 2006
61 61/276 29 June 2007 Quick-impact projects;
Integrated missions
Restructuring of DPKO and establishment of DFS approved in separate resolution 61/279
62 No resolution
63 No resolution Issues related to troop reimbursement rates covered in standalone resolution 63/285
64 64/269 24 June 2010 Increased maximum death and disability compensation to $70,000;
Approved Global Field Support Strategy;
Increased commitment authority under Peacekeeping Reserve Fund to $100 million;
Authorized reimbursement of strategic deployment stocks after receipt of appropriation
65 65/289 30 June 2011 Established Senior Advisory Group on troop reimbursement;
Provided exceptional $85 million reimbursement to T/PCCs;
Established withholding of reimbursement on account of sexual exploitation and abuse
66 66/264 21 June 2012 Requested conduct of periodic civilian staffing reviews;
Provided exceptional $59,999,999 reimbursement to T/PCCs
67 No resolution Senior Advisory Group recommendations on troop reimbursement and related issues approved in standalone resolution 67/261
68 No resolution New rates of reimbursement approved in standalone resolution 68/281;
Recommendations of the 2014 COE Working Group approved in standalone resolution 68/282
69 69/307 25 June 2015 Provided RSCE with operational independence and separate budget
70 70/286 17 June 2016 Approved transfer of withheld reimbursement to Trust Fund in Support of Victims of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse
71 No resolution Recommendations of the 2017 COE Working Group approved in standalone resolution 71/296;
SEA covered in standalone resolution 71/297
72 No resolution Restructuring of the peace and security pillar and establishment of DPO approved in 72/262C section III
Cross-cutting request related to programmatic activities included in MINUSCA financing resolution 72/290
73 No resolution Identical paragraphs related to oversight body recommendations and risk management and internal controls inserted into all mission financing resolutions.
Identical paragraphs on programmatic activities also inserted into financing resolutions of relevant missions
74 No resolution

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