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The annual report on the overview of the financing of the United Nations peacekeeping operations summarizes the budget performance in peacekeeping operations from the previous financial period and summarizes the request for the next financial period. It is produced pursuant to General Assembly resolution 59/296, which requested the Secretary-General

to submit an annual overview report on the financing of peacekeeping missions, reporting, inter alia, on trends in the size, composition and funding of the peacekeeping missions, relevant developments in peacekeeping operations, efforts to improve the management and functioning of peacekeeping operations and the management priorities for the coming year[1]

The General Assembly, through its Fifth Committee, generally considers the overview report in the context of its negotiation on cross-cutting resolutions.

Overview reports

SG report ACABQ report Performance year Budget request year Cross-cutting resolution Notes
A/74/736 A/74/737 2018/19 2020/21 N/A
A/73/776 A/73/755 2017/18 2019/20 N/A
A/72/770 A/72/789 2016/17 2018/19 N/A
A/71/809 A/71/836 2015/16 2017/18 N/A
A/70/749 A/70/742 2014/15 2016/17 70/286
A/69/751/Rev.1 A/69/839 2013/14 2015/16 67/307 Rev.1 issued after finalization of budget proposals and SC decision on UNMIL drawdown
A/68/731 A/68/782 2012/13 2014/15 N/A
A/67/723 A/67/780 2011/12 2013/14 N/A
A/66/679 A/66/718 2010/11 2012/13 66/264
A/65/715 A/65/743 2009/10 2011/12 65/289
A/64/643 A/64/660 2008/09 2010/11 64/259
A/63/696 A/63/746 2007/08 2009/10 N/A
A/62/727 A/62/781 2006/07 2008/09 N/A
A/61/786 A/61/852 2005/06 2007/08 61/276
A/60/696 A/60/880 2004/05 2006/07 60/266 First overview report issued under 59/296
A/58/705 A/58/759 2002/03 2004/05 58/296
A/57/723 A/57/772 2001/02 2003/04 57/290 B

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  1. General Assembly resolution 59/296 of 22 June 2005 on cross-cutting issues