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The General Assembly has adopted resolutions on the comprehensive review of the whole question of peacekeeping operations in all their [sic] aspects on an annual basis since 1965. These reports generally relate to the work of the Special Committee on Peacekeeping Operations, or C34.

List of resolutions

The following table lists resolutions titled "Comprehensive review of the whole question of peacekeeping operations in all their aspects". Note that the shorthand "C34" is used in this table to refer to the Special Committee on Peacekeeping Operations, even though the Committee was not known as such until after it reached 34 members in the late 1980s.

Session Resolution Date Notable elements
74 74/277 18 Jun 2019 Endorsed C34 report A/74/19; adopted virtually due to COVID-19
73 73/293 20 May 2019 Endorsed C34 report A/73/19
72 72/304 13 July 2018 Endorsed C34 report A/72/19
71 71/314 19 July 2017 Endorsed C34 report A/71/19
70 70/268 14 June 2016 Endorsed C34 report A/70/19
69 69/287 8 June 2015 Endorsed C34 report A/69/19
68 68/277 16 June 2014 Endorsed C34 report A/68/19
67 67/301 16 September 2013 Endorsed C34 report A/67/19
66 66/297 17 September 2012 Endorsed C34 report A/66/19
65 65/310 19 July 2011 Endorsed C34 report A/65/19
64 64/266 21 May 2010 Endorsed C34 report A/64/19
63 63/280 8 May 2009 Endorsed C34 report A/63/19
62 62/273 11 September 2008 Endorsed C34 report A/62/19
61 61/267B 24 July 2007 Note: The C34 reconvened for a resumed session on 11 June 2007 to consider the revised draft model memorandum of understanding.
Endorsed C34 report A/61/19/Rev.1, part III
61 61/291 24 July 2007 Endorsed C34 report A/61/19/Rev.1, part II
61 61/267 16 May 2007 Note: The C34 reconvened for a second resumed session in 2006 on 18 December.
Endorsed C34 report A/61/19/Rev.1, part I
60 60/289 8 September 2006 Note: The C34 reconvened for a resumed session from 26-27 June to consider the victims assistance strategy and model memorandum of understanding.
Endorsed C34 report A/60/19/Rev.1, part II
60 60/263 6 June 2006 Endorsed C34 report A/60/19/Rev.1, part I
59 59/300 22 June 2005 Note: The C34 reconvened for a resumed session from 4-8 April to consider the Zeid report.
Endorsed proposals, recommendations and conclusions of the C34 report A/59/19/Rev.1, part II
59 59/281 29 March 2005 Endorsed C34 report A/59/19/Rev.1, part I
58 58/315 1 July 2004 Note: this was the first year that the C-34 report was issued under the reserved document number '19'.
Endorsed C34 report A/58/19
57 57/336 18 June 2003 Endorsed C34 report A/57/767
56 56/225B 22 May 2002 Endorsed C34 report A/56/863
56 56/241 24 December 2001 Note: This was a Fifth Committee resolution related to resource requirements associated with implementation of the recommendations of the Brahimi report.
Took note of the statement of financial implications of draft resolution A/C.4/55/L.23 (56/225A) A/C.5/55/46, Corr.1 and Add.1;
Approved an additional 7 posts in the regular budget and 121 posts under the support account
56 56/225A 24 December 2001 Endorsed C34 report A/55/1024 and Corr.1
55 55/135 8 December 2000 Note: The C34 convened in an extraordinary session to consider the Brahimi report.
Endorsed proposals, recommendations and conclusions of C34 report A/C.4/55/6
54 54/81B 25 May 2000 Endorsed C34 report A/54/839
54 54/81A 6 December 1999 Endorsed C34 report A/54/87
53 53/58 3 December 1998 Endorsed C34 report A/53/127
52 52/69 10 December 1997 Endorsed C34 report A/52/209
51 51/136 13 December 1996 Endorsed C34 report A/51/130 and Corr.1;
Expanded membership of the C34 to past and present personnel contributors and observers during the 1996 session;
Decided that membership should be open to Member States who become personnel contributors or who participate as observers for three years
50 50/30 6 December 1995 Endorsed C34 report A/50/230
49 49/37 9 December 1994 Welcomed C34 report A/49/136;
Confirmed that a peacekeeping operation should be under the operational control of the UN and that the appropriate channel for raising national concerns is through Headquarters;
Took note of proposals of the Secretary-General on rationalization of the budgetary process A/48/403 and on planning, budgeting and administration of peacekeeping operations A/48/945 and Corr.1;
Welcomed creation of Policy and Analysis Unit and Planning Division within DPKO;
Welcomed adoption of the Convention on the Safety of UN and Associated Personnel (General Assembly resolution 49/59)
48 48/42 10 December 1993 Welcomed C34 report A/48/173;
Noted with appreciation establishment of a stand-by forces planning team;
Requested Secretariat to develop guidelines concerning the disposition of UN equipment upon termination of a peacekeeping operation;
Noted report A/48/503 and Add.1 on improving the financial situation of the United Nations;
Welcomed establishment of the Peacekeeping Reserve Fund;
Took note of the transfer of the Field Operations Division from the Department of Administration and Management to DPKO;
Welcomed establishment in DPKO of a 24/7 situation centre;
Noted the importance of concluding agreements between the UN and troop contributors before deployment;
Welcomed establishment of a focal point for peacekeeping training in DPKO;
Recognized importance of public information and called for significant enhancement of the rpess and public information function for peacekeeping missions;
Considered that any State in whose territory a UN peacekeeping operation is conducted should act promptly to deter and prosecute those responsible for attacks and other acts of violence against UN personnel;
Welcomed report A/48/349 on measures and proposals to ensure and enhance security of UN operations
47 47/71 14 December 1992 Took note of C34 reports A/47/253 and A/47/386 (Special report on An Agenda for Peace);
Stressed the need for the UN to be given resources commensurate with its growing responsibilities in peacekeeping, particularly with reference to resources needed for start-up phases;
Stressed the need to delegated increased financial and administrative authority to FCs and SRSGs to increase missions' capacity to adjust to new situations and specific requirements;
Encourages consideration of the establishment of a reserve fund to improve start-up financing of peacekeeping operations;
Acknowledged the competence of the General Assembly for appropriation and apportionment, and the importance of the Security Council being informed of cost implications;
Emphasized importance of making a clear distinction between peacekeeping operations and assistance from the specialized agencies and departments of the UN not an integral part of the operation;
Welcomed the creation of DPKO;
Welcomed the decision to appoint a Senior Police Adviser;
Took note of report A/47/604 on the feasibility of establishing an annual peacekeeping fellowship programme for national peacekeeping trainers;
Invited the SG to review, with a view to streamlining procedures and enhancing effectiveness, the applicable financial and administrative regulations concerning peacekeeping operations;
Welcomed report A/47/277 of the Secretary-General on strengthening the capacity of the UN for preventative diplomacy, peacemaking and peacekeeping (An Agenda for Peace)
46 46/48 9 December 1991 Took note of C34 report A/46/254;
Welcomed report A/45/502 on use of civilian personnel in peacekeeping operations;
Welcomed report A/46/169 and Add.1 on Secretariat units dealing with peacekeeping operations;
Considered it important to study financial questions seriously, particularly at the planning stage, to ensure the most cost-effective and efficient conduct of operations and strict control of expenditures;
Took note of possibility of holding inter-sessional open-ended informal consultations to have an exchange of views and to receive briefings from the Secretariat;
Recognized that peacekeeping operations are an evolving concept calling for increased attention and ongoing evaluation by Member States
45 45/75 11 December 1990 Took note of C34 report A/45/330;
Considered that the composition of UN peacekeeping operations should be on a wide geographical basis, while the composition of each operation would be consistent with particular requirements thereof
44 44/49 8 December 1989 Took note of C34 report A/44/301;
Encouraged Member States to establish national peacekeeping training programmes and the Secretariat to prepare training materials;
Urged host countries to conclude status of forces agreements and requested Secretariat to prepare a model SOFA;
Decided to allow participation of observers in the C34
43 43/59 6 December 1988 Took note of C34 report A/43/566;
Approved request of the PRC to join the C34, bringing membership to 34
42 42/161 8 December 1987 No C34 report
41 41/67 3 December 1986 No C34 report
40 40/163 16 December 1985 No C34 report
39 39/97 14 December 1984 No C34 report
38 38/81 15 December 1983 Took note of C34 report A/38/381;
Expressed conviction that peacekeeping operations are an essential function of the UN, though not a substitute for the peaceful settlement of disputes and therefore of a temporary nature
37 37/93 10 December 1982 No C34 report
36 36/37 18 November 1981 Took note of C34 report A/36/469
35 35/121 11 December 1980 Took note of C34 report A/35/532
34 34/53 23 November 1979 Took note of C34 report A/34/592
33 33/114 18 December 1978 No substantive C34 report;
Invited Member States to submit information about national peacekeeping training programmes and standby capacities to the C34
32 32/106 15 December 1977 Took note of C34 report A/32/394
31 31/105 15 December 1976 Took note of C34 report A/31/337
30 3457(XXX) 10 December 1975 Took note of C34 report A/10366
29 3239(XXIX) 29 November 1974 Took note of C34 report A/9827
28 3091(XXVIII) 7 December 1973 Took note of C34 report A/9236
27 2965(XXVII) 13 December 1972 Took note of C34 report A/8888
26 2835(XXVI) 18 December 1971 Took note of C34 report A/8550
25 2670(XXV) 8 December 1970 Took note of C34 A/8081
24 2576(XXIV) 15 December 1969 Received and examined C34 report A/7742
23 2451(XXIII) 19 December 1968 Received and examined C34 reports A/7131 and A/7396
22 2308(XXII) 13 December 1967
S-V 2249(S-V) 23 May 1967 Requested C34 to consider (a) methods of financing future peacekeeping operations and (b) voluntary in-kind contributions to peacekeeping operations
21 2220(XXI) 19 December 1966 Referred C34 report A/6603 to the fifth special session of the GA
20 2053(XX) 15 December 1965 Noted C34 reports A/5915 and Add.1 and A/5916
19 2006(XIX) 18 February 1965 Authorized the establishment of the C34

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