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Transitions are situations involving significant changes to the configuration of the United Nations presence in a country in which at least one peace operation is present, such as when a peace operation is replaced by a different peace operation or when a peace operation closes and hands over responsibilities to a United Nations country team.

The term is also used to refer to "re-hatting" situations involving the replacement of a non-United Nations presence by a United Nations peace operation.

Official documents



  • A/75/787 OIOS evaluation of the relevance, effectiveness and efficiency of UNAMID in supporting transition from peacekeeping to peacebuilding in Darfur in collaboration with United Nations country team
  • S/2015/3 Letter from the Secretary-General on AU-UN transitions in Mali and the Central African Republic

Internal documents


Mission support

  • 2018.08 Guide for Senior Leadership on Field Entity Closure (Guidelines)
    • DOS 2018.09 End of Mission/Field Entity Report (Guidelines)
    • DOS 2018.10 Transition Process Map in a Closing Mission (Guidelines)
    • DOS 2018.11 Map for Planning and Conducting Mission Closure (Guidelines)
    • DOS 2018.23 Mission Closure: Task Force Organigram (Guidelines)
    • DOS 2018.24 Mission Closure: MSD Team Organigram (Guidelines)
    • DOS 2018.25 Hand-over and Checklist of Mission to DOS Finance and Budget Units (Guidelines)
    • DOS 2018.26 Development of Mission Support Division Closure Plan (Guidelines)
    • DOS 2018.27 Development of Mission Support Division Closure Progress Report (Guidelines)
    • DOS 2018.28 Environmental Clearance and Handover of Mission Sites (Guidelines)
    • DOS 2019.07 Field Entity Closure: Paper and Digital Records and Archives (SOP)
  • DPKO/DFS 2012.18 Liquidation Manual (superseded by 2018.08)

Other documents

  • UNU/CPR report: UN Transitions: Improving Security Council Practice in Mission Settings (30 September 2019 | link)
  • OIOS IED-018-002 Evaluation of re-hatting in MINUSMA and MINUSCA

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