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Administrative policies are issued by the Secretary-General through the promulgation of administrative issuances, which can be formally issued either as Secretary-General's bulletins (ST/SGB) or as administrative instructions (ST/AI).

Administrative issuances

There are two types of administrative issuances.[1]

  • Secretary-General's bulletins (ST/SGB-series) are issued for various reasons, including to communicate the text of regulations and rules, to communicate decisions on policy and to provide information on the functions and organization of the Secretariat and its constituent entities.
  • Administrative instructions (ST/AI-series) are issued to promulgate instructions applicable to more than one department of the Secretariat, including on the implementation of the regulations and rules.

The procedures for the promulgation of administrative issuances are covered in ST/SGB/2009/4. An OIOS audit of the process for promulgating administrative issuances was conducted in 2017.[2]

An index of all administrative issuances is issued regularly. The most recent edition is ST/IC/2019/1.

Information circulars

Information circulars (ST/IC-series) are documents issued by the Secretariat containing general information on, or explanation of, established rules, policies and procedures, as well as isolated announcements of one-time or temporary interest. They are not used for promulgating new rules, policies or procedures.[3]

An index of all information circulars is issued regularly. The most recent edition is ST/IC/2019/2.

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