Estimates in respect of special political missions

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The General Assembly, through the Fifth Committee, takes action on estimates in respect of special political missions in the context of its resolutions on special subjects related to the programme budget. SPM budgets are normally considered during the main session (October through December) of the Fifth Committee, and any revised estimates that may arise are generally considered during the resumed session (either March or May).

Session Resolution Date Amount Notes
78 78/274 24 April 2024 22,162,600 for UNITAMS transition and liquidation A/78/6 (Sect. 3)/Add.8 (UNITAMS)
78 78/253 section XVII 22 December 2023 717,725,500 for 37 SPMs
2,128,800 for RSCE
21,500,000 in commitment authority for UNITAMS
A/78/6 (Sect. 3)/Add.1 (chapeau)
A/78/6 (Sect. 3)/Add.2 (cluster I); A/78/6 (Sect. 3)/Add.3 (cluster II); A/78/6 (Sect. 3)/Add.4 (cluster III); A/78/6 (Sect. 3)/Add.5 (UNAMA); A/78/6 (Sect. 3)/Add.6 (UNAMI)

A/78/6 (Sect. 3)/Add.7 (UNOWAS, BINUH, UNVMC revised estimates)

77 77/263 section V 30 December 2022 766,193,900 for 39 SPMs
2,141,100 for RSCE
A/77/6 (Sect. 3)/Add.1 (chapeau)
A/77/6 (Sect. 3)/Add.2 (cluster I); A/77/6 (Sect. 3)/Add.3 (cluster II); A/77/6 (Sect. 3)/Add.4 (cluster III); A/77/6 (Sect. 3)/Add.5 (UNAMA); A/77/6 (Sect. 3)/Add.6 (UNAMI)
76 76/246B section II 13 April 2022 17,945,500 in commitment authority for UNSMIL A/76/6 (Sect. 3)/Add.8 (UNSMIL)
76 76/246 section X 24 December 2021 585,629,600 for 37 SPMs
1,820,200 for RSCE
A/76/6 (Sect. 3)/Add.1 (chapeau)
A/76/6 (Sect. 3)/Add.2 (cluster I); A/76/6 (Sect. 3)/Add.3 (cluster II); A/76/6 (Sect. 3)/Add.4 (cluster III); A/76/6 (Sect. 3)/Add.5 (UNAMA); A/76/6 (Sect. 3)/Add.6 (UNAMI); A/76/6 (Sect. 3)/Add.7 (UNVMC, UNITAMS)
75 75/253 section XVIII 31 December 2020 728,212,200 for 40 SPMs
1,412,400 for RSCE
A/75/6 (Sect. 3)/Add.1 (chapeau)
A/75/6 (Sect. 3)/Add.2 (cluster I); A/75/6 (Sect. 3)/Add.3 (cluster II); A/75/6 (Sect. 3)/Add.4 (cluster III); A/75/6 (Sect. 3)/Add.5 (UNAMA); A/75/6 (Sect. 3)/Add.6 (UNAMI); A/75/6 (Sect.3)/Add. 7 (UNITAMS)
74 74/263 section XVIII 27 December 2019 A/74/6 (Sect. 3)/Add.1 (chapeau)
A/74/6 (Sect. 3)/Add.2 (cluster I); A/74/6 (Sect. 3)/Add.3 (cluster II); A/74/6 (Sect. 3)/Add.4 (cluster III); A/74/6 (Sect. 3)/Add.5 and Corr.1 (UNAMA); A/74/6 (Sect. 3)/Add.6 and Corr.1(UNAMI); A/74/6 (Sect. 3)/Add.7 (UNMHA); A/74/6 (Sect. 3)/Add.8 (BINUH)
73 73/306 3 July 2019 A/73/352/Add.9 (UNMHA/Yemen 1 July-31 December 2019)
73 73/279B sections III and IV 15 April 2019 A/73/352/Add.7 (Somalia POE);
A/73/352/Add.8 (UNMHA/Yemen 1 April-30 June 2019)
73 73/279 22 December 2018 A/73/352 (chapeau);
A/73/352/Add.1 (cluster I), A/73/352/Add.2 and Corr.1 (cluster II), A/73/352/Add.3 (cluster III), A/73/352/Add.4 (UNAMA), A/73/352/Add.5 (UNAMI);
A/73/352/Add.6, Corr.1 and Corr.2 (UNITAD)
72 72/262C 5 July 2018 A/72/351/Add.9 (UNAMA);
A/72/351/Add.10 (UNAMI)
72 72/262 24 December 2017 A/72/351 (chapeau);
A/72/351/Add.1 (cluster I), A/72/351/Add.2 (cluster II), A/72/351/Add.3 (cluster III), A/72/351/Add.4 (UNAMA), A/72/351/Add.5 (UNAMI);
A/72/351/Add.6 (POE on Mali);
A/72/351/Add.7 (Colombia);
A/72/351/Add.8 (UNSMIL)
71 71/272B 6 April 2017 A/71/365/Add.8 and Corr.1 (OPCW-UN JIM);
A/71/365/Add.9 (POE DPRK)
71 71/272 23 December 2016 A/71/365 (chapeau);
A/71/365/Add.1 (cluster I), A/71/365/Add.2 (cluster II), A/71/365/Add.3 (cluster III), A/71/365/Add.4 (UNAMA), A/71/365/Add.5 (UNAMI);
A/71/365/Add.6 (OSA Burundi);
A/71/365/Add.7 and Corr.1 (Colombia)

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