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The General Assembly requests the Secretary-General to submit an annual report on the composition of the Secretariat, which is considered by the Fifth Committee every year under the human resources management agenda item. During odd-numbered sessions of the General Assembly, an addendum covering gratis personnel, retirees and consultants is also submitted.

The reports provide statistics on staff composition broken down by gender, grade, Secretariat entity and age, as well as statistics related to geographical representation and the system of desirable ranges.

Secretary-General reports

Year Composition report Addendum Notes
2018 A/74/82
2017 A/73/79 A/73/79/Add.1
2016 A/72/123 Switch to calendar year reporting
2015/16 A/71/360 A/71/360/Add.1
2014/15 A/70/764
2013/14 A/69/292 A/69/292/Add.1
2012/13 A/68/356
2011/12 A/67/329 A/67/329/Add.1
2010/11 A/66/347
2009/10 A/65/350 A/65/350/Add.1
2008/09 A/64/352
2007/08 A/63/310
2006/07 A/62/315
2005/06 A/61/257 and Corr.1
2004/05 A/60/310
2003/04 A/59/299
2002/03 A/58/666
2001/02 A/57/414
2000/01 A/56/512 and Corr.1

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