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Action for Peacekeeping, or A4P, is an initiative launched in March 2018 aimed at refocusing peacekeeping with realistic expectations, making peacekeeping missions stronger and safer, and mobilizing greater support for political solutions and for well-structured, well-equipped and well-trained forces. It was originally referred to as the "Splash" initiative.

Following a series of consultations with Member States and international and regional organizations, the Declaration of Shared Commitments on United Nations Peacekeeping Operations was drafted and has been subsequently endorsed by the majority of Member States.

The commitments in the declaration are grouped in eight areas, which—since 2019—have served as the priorities of the Department of Peace Operations.[1] These priority areas are as follows:

  1. Advancing political solutions to conflict and enhancing the political impact of peacekeeping;
  2. Implementing the women, peace and security agenda;
  3. Strengthening the protection provided by peacekeeping operations;
  4. Supporting effective performance and accountability by all peacekeeping components;
  5. Strengthening the impact of peacekeeping on sustaining peace;
  6. Improving the safety and security of peacekeepers;
  7. Improving peacekeeping partnerships; and
  8. Strengthening the conduct of peacekeeping operations and personnel.

The Special Committee on Peacekeeping Operations restructured the format of its annual report in 2020 to align with the A4P priority areas.

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  1. A/73/776 Overview of the financing of the United Nations peacekeeping operations