Strategic deployment stocks

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The strategic deployment stocks (SDS) were established in 2002 with the adoption of resolution 56/292 of 27 June 2002 to support the rapid deployment of a peacekeeping operation by providing equipment for a minimum operational capability. They have also been drawn upon to support the deployment of special political missions.

SDS are managed by the United Nations Logistics Base in Brindisi, Italy.

Relevant reports

  • A/56/870 The concept of strategic deployment stocks and its implementation (14 March 2002)
  • A/64/633 Global Field Support Strategy (26 January 2010); see paragraphs 56-58
  • A/66/340 Review of arrangements for funding and backstopping special political missions (12 October 2011); see paragraph 26
  • A/71/798 Office of Internal Oversight Services: review and evaluation of strategic deployment stocks (17 February 2017)
  • A/73/774 Budget for the United Nations Logistics Base for 2019/20 (27 February 2019); see Annex III: Review of the concept of operations for strategic deployment stocks

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