Procurement (Financial Regulations and Rules)

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Financial Regulations and Rules >> V. Utilization of Funds >> C. Procurement


General principles

Regulation 5.12
Procurement functions include all actions necessary for the acquisition, by purchase or lease, of property, including products and real property, and of services, including works. The following general principles shall be given due consideration when exercising the procurement functions of the United Nations:
(a) Best value for money;
(b) Fairness, integrity and transparency;
(c) Effective international competition;
(d) The interest of the United Nations.
Regulation 5.13
Tenders for goods and services shall be invited by advertisement, except where the Secretary-General deems that, in the interests of the Organization, a departure from this regulation is desirable.

Authority and responsibility

Rule 105.13


Rule 105.14

Formal methods of solicitation

Rule 105.15

Exceptions to the use of formal methods of solicitation

Rule 105.16


Rule 105.17

Written contracts

Rule 105.18

Advance and progress payments

Rule 105.19


Regulation 5.12 was originally proposed by the Secretary-General in A/57/396 and was approved by the General Assembly in its decision 57/573. The harmonized and simplified regulations and rules presented at that time were prepared by the inter-agency Task Force on Common Services (see A/55/461, A/52/534 and Corr.1 and A/C.5/52/46) and were also reflected in revisions to the financial regulations and rules of UNDP, UNFPA and UNOPS.[1]

Regulation 5.13 (previously numbered as 10.5 in the 1985 revision of the Financial Regulations) was amended in decision 57/573 as proposed by the Secretary-General in A/57/396 to replace the phrase "equipment, supplies and other requirements" with "goods and services" to improve clarity.

A proposal by the Secretary-General, in A/73/717, to amend regulation 5.13 to further clarify the language was not acted upon by the General Assembly.


  1. The primary difference between the general principles in the financial regulations of the Secretariat and those of UNDP and UNOPS is the nature of the competition; the financial regulations of UNDP and UNOPS omit the word "international" from the third general principle.