Financial Regulations and Rules

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The current version of the Financial Regulations and Rules is ST/SGB/2013/4 as amended in Amend.1 to facilitate the new delegation of authority framework entering into effect on 1 January 2019.

The United Nations financial regulations and rules (which are often referred to as the "FRRs") are applicable to the Secretariat and a number of the funds and programmes, namely the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), the UN Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat) and the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR).


Financial regulations are established by the General Assembly as per rule 152 of the General Assembly rules of procedure, which states:

The General Assembly shall establish regulations for the financial administration of the United Nations.

Financial rules are established by the Secretary-General on the basis of Financial Regulation 5.8, which states (inter alia) that the Secretary-General shall:

(a) Establish detailed financial rules and procedures in order to ensure effective and efficient financial management and the exercise of economy;

Related documents

Delegation of authority

  • ST/SGB/2019/2 Delegation of authority in the administration of the Staff and Financial Regulations and Rules (from 1 January 2019)
  • ST/AI/2016/7 Delegation of authority under the Financial Regulations and Rules (until 31 December 2018)


  • ST/SGB/2015/4 and Amend.1 Supplement to the Financial Regulations and Rules containing (a) Financial Rules of UNEP trust funds, (b) Financial Regulations and Rules for UN-Habitat and (c) Financial Rules of the Fund of the United Nations International Drug Control Programme and the Fund of the United Nations Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Programme.
  • A/AC.96/503/Rev.10 Financial rules for voluntary funds administered by the High Commissioner for Refugees

Subordinate policies

Suspended regulations and rules

The existing version of the Financial Regulations and Rules reflects the pre-reform biennial programme budget process. As General Assembly resolution 72/266A approved the shift to an annual budget on a trial basis as part of management reform, a number of regulations and rules are not being applied during the trial period. These are detailed in section A (Methodology and Format) of the 2021 proposed programme budget.

Previous versions

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