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== References ==
== References ==
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The Chair of the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions[1] and the Chair and Vice-Chair of the International Civil Service Commission are full-time officials in the category of official other than Secretariat official with the rank of Under-Secretary-General, and they enjoy the associated privileges and immunities.


Following the adoption of resolution 34/221 in 1980, conditions of service for the full-time members of the ACABQ and ICSC were reviewed every five years. The last such review was conducted in 2005, after which the General Assembly decided, in its resolution 58/266, to review the compensation when it fell below the level of Assistant Secretaries-General.

The General Assembly next considered the question of compensation at its sixty-fifth session. In its resolution 65/268, it decided to introduce a cost of living adjustment equivalent to the change in the average of the net base salaries for Under-Secretaries-General and Assistant Secretaries-General. All other conditions of services would be considered every four years.

Recent legislative history

GA resolution Date SG report Notes
72/262, section II 24 December 2017 A/72/366 Took note of SG report
68/247, section I 27 December 2013 A/68/187 Took note of SG report
65/268, section III 4 April 2011 A/65/676 Established cost of living adjustment and current review cycle

Conditions of service

As outlined in the most recent report of the Secretary-General, A/76/340, the full-time members of the ACABQ and ICSC are entitled to:

  • Annual (net) salary of $235,772 (as at September 2021);
  • For the Chairs of the Commission and the Advisory Committee only: special annual allowance of $10,000;
  • Retirement benefits: Participation in the United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund under supplementary article B of the Regulations of the Fund[2];
  • Pensionable remuneration of $303,369 (as at September 2021);
  • Coverage for illness, injury or death attributable to service with the United Nations [3];
  • Subsistence allowance when conducting official business travel away from Headquarters;
  • The same travel entitlements as those that apply to other members of the Committee and the Commission[4], upon appointment and upon end of appointment;
  • The relocation package provided to staff in the Professional and higher categories approved in resolution 70/244, section III, entitling them to the relocation shipment or to the unaccompanied shipment of personal effects and household goods applicable to senior officials of the United Nations, including the option of the relocation grant in lieu of the entitlement to the unaccompanied shipment or the relocation shipment[5];
  • Education grant [6];
  • Settling-in grant;
  • Home leave, in accordance with rule 5.2 of the Staff Rules;
  • Compensation to survivors in the event of death during service (comprising a lump sum equivalent to one month of the annual compensation of the official per year of service, subject to a minimum of three months and a maximum of nine months); and
  • Option to join the Headquarters medical insurance scheme upon payment of the full cost of the premium.

The full-time members of the Commission and the Chair of the Advisory Committee are not entitled to the following:

  • Dependency allowance;
  • Rental subsidy;
  • Representation allowance;
  • Commutation of accrued annual leave upon separation; and
  • Repatriation grant


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