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The Committee for Programme and Coordination (CPC) is an intergovernmental body reporting to both the General Assembly and ECOSOC. Under the Regulations and Rules Governing Programme Planning, the Programme Aspects of the Budget, the Monitoring of Implementation and the Methods of Evaluation (PPBME), the CPC is responsible for reviewing the programmatic aspects of the strategic framework and programme budgets and for considering the results of evaluation reports. The conclusions and recommendations of the CPC are contained in its annual report, which is taken into consideration by the General Assembly in its consideration of the programme budget.


The CPC was established by ECOSOC in resolution 920(XXXIV) of 3 August 1962 as the Special Committee on Co-ordination. It was re-named the CPC in 1966, in ECOSOC resolution 1171(XLI). The terms of reference of the CPC were approved in 1976 by both ECOSOC, in its resolution 2008(LX), and the General Assembly, in its resolution 31/93; the text of the terms of reference are contained in an annex to ECOSOC resolution 2008(LX).

As per General Assembly 72/266 of 5 July 2018 which approved annualization of the programme budget on a pilot basis, the CPC is responsible for reviewing Part I (the plan outline) and Part II (the programme plan) of the annual budget while Part III (post and non-post requirements) are submitted through the ACABQ.


Since 1988, the CPC has consisted of 34 members: 9 from the African Group, 7 from the Asia Pacific Group, 7 from GRULAC, 7 from WEOG and 4 from Eastern Europe.[1]

Working methods

The CPC meets each year for four weeks in June to produce a report (with the reserved number 16) which is considered in the fall by the Fifth Committee during the main part of its session.

The CPC takes decisions by consensus.[2]

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  1. General Assembly decision 42/450
  2. The General Assembly, in its resolution 41/213, agreed that "the Committee for Programme and Co-ordination should continue its existing practice of reaching decisions by consensus; explanatory views, if any, shall be presented to the General Assembly"