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Agenda for Peace was the signature reform initiative of Secretary-General Kofi Annan, launched to better position the United Nations to deliver in the area of peace and security following the end of the Cold War. The associated report is contained in document A/47/277–S/24111.

Legislative history

The report on Agenda for Peace was issued in response to the request of the Security Council, during a meeting at the level of Heads of State on 31 January 1992, for the Secretary-General "to prepare…his analysis and recommendations on ways of strengthening and making more efficient within the framework and provisions of the Charter the capacity of the United Nations for preventative diplomacy, for peacemaking and for peace-keeping."[1].

The proposals under Agenda for Peace were closely related to the concurrent effort to restructure the Secretariat, which, inter alia, established the Department of Political Affairs and Department of Peacekeeping Operations.

The General Assembly adopted a number of resolutions on Agenda for Peace, including:


  • A/47/277–S/24111 An Agenda for Peace: Preventative diplomacy, peacemaking and peace-keeping
  • A/47/965–S/25944 Implementation of the recommendations contained in "An Agenda for Peace"

See also


  1. S/23500 Note by the President of the Security Council
  2. A/47/253 and A/47/386